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Development History


•  Established, main customers: motorcycle / Samsung

Successer was established in the "birth period" (1987-1998), seizing the opportunity of the industry;


•Motorola, USA • Luxury packaging • Jewelry industry customers

In the "growth period" (1999-2003), Successer started from the market demand, in order to meet the greater demand of mobile phone owners for protective covers, began to start with materials, styles and colors to make products as diverse as possible. To meet the multi-level needs of customers and consumers for mobile phone protective sleeves. It was also during this period that Successer was favored by Motorola. After Motorola ’s layer-by-layer review, it eventually became Motorola ’s mobile phone protective sleeves. Suppliers, thus taking the lead in establishing their own leading position in the industry;


• Develop Nokia • Establish second plant • Set up laboratory • Start backpack business

The "Motorola layoffs" in 2003 brought uncertainty to the entire industry, filled with panic everywhere, and the entire industry entered a "dark period" (2004-2006). However, Skell insisted on winning the world with quality. Asking for benefits from management, through high standards of quality, exquisite design and accurate market control, and the spirit of sharing difficulties with brands, it has won the trust and market feedback of more well-known global brands.


• Established the third factory in Dongguan

At a time when the entire industry was dying, Skell's firmness and persistence led Skell to grow against the trend, and began to gradually establish Skeleer's leading position in the field of electronic product protection accessories;


• Samsung Notebook Business

Successer accurately predicted the arrival of the "transition period" (2007-2009) of the mobile phone industry. Mobile phone design is undergoing transformation-appearance, UI interface, functions, screen size, pixels ... a prosperous The era is quietly coming, Scorsell's team is reviewing the situation, prompting the transformation of our mobile phone protection accessories research and development and design. As a result, our new products are very close to today's level in terms of shape design, materials and technology. (Successer) Every work in this period will inspire and influence the future development and trend of mobile phone protection accessories;


• Educational electronics customers • Healthcare customers

After three years of transformation, the industry has entered a "maturity period" (2010-present). Skell's works range from feel (materials and craftsmanship), design style (simple, mature, stitching combination, English style, etc.) , Color (color), appearance (shape) have undergone unprecedented changes.


• Domestic brand development • Domestic accessory brand cooperation


• Enter the field of acoustics • Personalization


• Brand ODM Business • Smart Home Field • Smart Wearable Field • AR / VR Packaging


• Industry complete machine parts • Establish A special line • Move into new plant

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