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Successer (Dongguan) Crafts Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a wholly owned subsidiary of SKSuccess Technology Co., Ltd. and a leading supplier integrating the design, R&D, production, marketing and after-sales service of electronic product parts and protective accessories and providing integrated solutions of peripheral products in the electronic industry. Headquartered in Dongguan, Successer has set up production R&D centers and overseas business branches in Tianjin, Dongguan, Hongkong, South Korea, Singapore and the USA.
In the past 15 years, Successer has always focused on one thing, that is, to become the best supplier of electronic communication product parts and protective accessories. Successer always adheres to taking “personnel and technology” as its core, upheld the concept of “Achieving a win-win situation with consumers, customers and suppliers”, insisted on pursuing exquisite design and superior quality unremittingly and has already become one of Asia’s largest suppliers of mobile phones parts and protective accessories.
Successer has built rich product series, including protective sleeves of electronic products (leather and cloth), protective shell of electronic products, protective film of electronic products, packing boxes of luxuries, bags, suitcases and computer bags. Its stable brand partners include DBTEL, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Konka, BYD, Blackberry, BBK, Eren Eben, Xiaomi, PISEN, LV, Chanel and De Beers.
Production equipment of Successer: Successer has more than 500 sets of state-of-the-art production and testing equipment, covering different equipment ranging from sewing to hot-press process and from incoming raw materials to delivery detection, which are the most complete in the entire industry. In terms of production, Successer’s equipment contains coding machines, cutting machines, laser cutting machines, computer-controlled lathes, high frequency, skiving machines, laminating machines, sewing machines, etc. And in terms of detection, the equipment includes ROHS detectors, quadratic element, high and low temperature test chambers, salt spray test machines, tensile machines, paper bag friction machines, etc., with which, Successer can meet demands of different customers and processes.
As the best supplier in the field of electronic product parts and protective accessories, Successer, since Motorola 3200 entered Chinese market in 1987 in the image of “cellular phone” and the first mobile phone, has witnessed the whole growth process of China electronic product parts and protective accessories industry from “Birth Period” to “Growth Period”, “Hesitation Period”, “Metamorphosis Period” and to today’s “Maturity Period”Successer seized the first chance of the industry during its “Birth Period” (1987 to 1998).
Successer started from market demand in its “Growth Period” (1999 to 2003) and strived to make its products diversified in terms of material, style and color to meet mobile phone users’ greater and multilayer demand for protective sleeves. Just in this period when Successer got the favor of Motorola and finally became a supplier of Motorola mobile phone protective sleeves after passing through Motorola’s layers of examination and hence took the lead in establishing its leading position in the industry
“Motorola Layoff Event” in 2003 brought uncertainty to the entire industry. Everywhere is full of panic and the whole industry entered the “”Hesitation Period” (2004-2006). However, Successer adhered to winning the world with quality, winning benefit by management, and won the deep trust and market feedback of more world well-known brands through high-standard quality, exquisite design, accurate market insight and spirit of passing through thick and thin with brand owners. When the entire industry is in the hesitation period, determination and persistence of Successer enabled Successer to grow up against the wind and establish its leading position in the field of electronic product protective accessories gradually
Successer accurately predicted the arrival of the “Metamorphosis Period (2007 to 2009)” of the mobile phone industry. Mobile phone design is undergoing a metamorphosis period – appearance, UI interface, function, screen site, pixel… a prosperous times is approaching quietly. Successer team considered the situation and promoted the metamorphosis of the R&D and design of its mobile phone protective accessories to carry out accordingly. No matter in appearance design or in material and process, new products of Successer were nearly close to today’s level. Each work of Successer in this period will enlighten and affect the development and direction of mobile phone protective accessories in the future
After the three-year metamorphosis period, the industry entered the “Maturity Period (2010 – now)”. Successer products have experienced unprecedented reform from handfeel (material and process) to design style (simple, mature, matching portfolio, England style, etc.), color (use of color) and appearance (shape)
 After unremitting pursuit of generations of Successer people, Successer now has won the a high degree of trust and recognition of a number of domestic and foreign well-known brands in the fields of mobile phone, camera, laptop and luxury watches. Successer has set up branches in Tianjin, Dongguan, Hongkong, South Korea, Singapore and the USA and now has grown into one of Asia’s largest suppliers of electronic product protective accessories
Looking back and ahead, Successer staff will continue to work hard to create brand-new user experience and customer value for consumers, brand owners and distributors in the spirit and concept of “Diligent & Pragmatic”, “Mutual Benefit & Win-win” and “Leading the Industry”.

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